Real estate ownership offers many advantages, with the most attractive aspects being tax benefits and equity growth.  Upon an asset disposition, the most common method to utilize tax strategy and protect equity is a 1031 exchange. In basic terms, a 1031 exchange allows investors to defer taxes and further build wealth over time by deferring the tax one would pay upon a conventional sale – and reinvesting into a new property of equal or greater value.


While 1031 exchanges are straight forward in concept, a solid group of professionals is essential. Transactions require qualified intermediaries, attorneys and accountants to navigate the best strategy. Our process allows clear and concise communication with key professionals to execute under compressed timeframes. We work diligently to develop a strategy for both the sale and up-leg investment concurrently allowing us to begin identifying properties day 1.

5 Key Factors:

  • Determine total deferred capital gains and depreciation recapture

  • Select credible and experienced Qualified Intermediary

  • Verify property held for investment or business purposes

  • Determine timeline & criteria

  • Search for exchange properties