Triple Net Leases, also referred to as NNN lease, have become an attractive way for investors to own real estate assets with much lower time demands and reduced liability of landlord expenses. With an NNN lease, tenants are responsible for property taxes, building maintenance, insurance and common area maintenance (CAM) in addition to base rent.

Tenants benefit from the flexibility to repair items as needed without the need to contact the landlord providing a greater sense of control. Tenants also benefit from lower than market rent as tenants are responsible for property taxes, building maintenance, and insurance.

Landlords benefit from the minimal management required. With tenants covering common expenses, the landlord’s main responsibility becomes bookkeeping, tax returns and deciding when to refinance. This type of investment is especially attractive for landlords with full-time jobs.


Stability of cash flow is another attractive quality of NNN leases – as new NN leases average 10 years so landlords can depend on positive cash flow for quite some time. This reduces costs associated with finding new tenants and leads to less vacancies as the building is not vacant during a new tenant search.

Price points of NNN lease properties are often more affordable than other types of properties. Investors enjoy multiple financing options as the tenant’s credit worthiness impacts valuation as much as the property itself. NNN leases are attractive for both landlords and tenants, for more information or to discuss available opportunities, please contact us today.

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