Louisville Project Watch

A look at the largest commercial real estate projects in the Louisville area

LOJIC Online - A geographic overview of the Louisville Metro Area

Zoning - Citywide data on zoning, overlay and historic districts

Opportunity Zones - Louisville's 19 opportunity zones, passed by Congress 2017

Neighborhoods - A catalog of municipalities, districts and neighborhoods

Food Establishments Dashboard - Facilities of Public Health & Wellness's Food Program

Metro Map It! - Find locations for city services (librabies, recycling centers, etc.)

Metro ZIP Codes - Zip codes in the metro Louisville area

Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) - Preliminary FIRMs of Jefferson County by FEMA

Metro Park Golf Courses - Louisville's nine public golf courses

Snow Map - Updated map of city streets during snow events

Bike Map - Map of bike lanes, shared use paths and bike share stations in Louisville

Louisville Community Links

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